What People Are Saying

Kultchafi is supporting Reconciliation in Action by building bridges of communication through Cultural Responsiveness Training

"The quality and standard of this training is exceptional, and it is evident that this training provides outstanding education about Cultural Responsiveness in the Pharmacy Context." 

Australasian College of Pharmacy

"Absolutely fantastic course, very practical information, that will shift everyday interactions with my Indigenous patients" 

Dr Paul L

General Practitioner

"Always an amazing training. Each time I have undertaken this I am reminded of the importance that this holds and the information that it shared and how it supports me to work alongside Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people for the Greater Good."

Laura F

"Very comprehensive training that is easily understood and transferable to the work arena." 

Jenni T

Registered Nurse (RN)

"This training was very informative, it has definitely made me more aware of what is/not appropriate."

Telina S


"I enjoyed learning Cultural Responsiveness in this new context compared to previous other organisation cross-cultural awareness programs. Greatly adds to the rich tapestry of life experience, various work roles, opportunity to reflect upon past mistakes and better ways that I would have handled the situation now. To reflect is to reveal, and an opportunity to apply knowledge into our daily practice to live to breathe to maintain and respect the oldest living culture on this Earth. Nice.." 

Sam I

Community Support Worker

"The training certainly is helpful in today's society, and very much reflects current challenges faced. Provokes thoughts and builds upon our capacity to better deal with Indigenous peoples in a more appropriate and respectful way." 

Wayne M

CEO, Community Wellbeing service

"Very informative and strengthened by awareness to listen, respect and to ensure messages are understood not just heard." 

Karen W

"Cultural Responsiveness Training was a dynamic and enriching experience that will better inform my clinical practice and communication in general. Black Privilege was a new concept that expanded my awareness. A heartfelt thank you from me." 

Doug F

"All this information is helpful in my day to day work and practice." 

Dr Clay R

General Practitioner

'"This is a great learning environment. Hearing the information and realising my  unconsciousness bias is more prevalent then I originally thought has helped me personally to take a look and reflect on myself and how I can transform my inner self to reflect respectful, traditional protocols and ways in which to communicate will help me to reach my highest good." 

Jenny L

"As an Indigenous person of this great country, the topics were well presented and explained."

Amanda B

"What you have provided to me through this training is amazing." 

Grace E

"I think this a great training model"

Paula T (ATSI Practitioner)