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If you are Traumatised, Grieving, Lonely or experiencing Loss, Kultchafi provides 21st-century healing solutions based on ancient wisdoms 


Kultchafi is here to help you Heal and move forward. Kultchafi is a multi-accredited training provider that combines modern technology and ancient wisdoms

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Trauma, Grief, Loneliness and Loss


Online, self-paced training

  • MASTER core skills¬†around Trauma, Grief, Loneliness and Loss¬†
  • IDENTIFY¬†strategies to¬†achieve happiness, purpose and success¬†
  • GAIN skills to provide supports to¬†others suffering Trauma, Grief, Loneliness or Loss
  • JOURNEY towards¬†your Highest Good, and those around you
  • JOIN a¬† community of people to¬†share your Healing journey
  • EXPERIENCE Transformation to live the life you want
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All participants who complete this Kultchafi training will receive a Certificate which can be included in your resume.


Trauma, Grief, Loneliness and Loss online, self-paced training

Trauma - strategies and supports


Australian dollars, includes Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Trauma is a normal reaction to a terrible event, or a series of ongoing events or behaviours.

The fact it is a natural human reaction does not make it any easier.

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Trauma, Grief, Loneliness and Loss course


Australian dollars, includes Goods & Services Tax (GST). Group bookings available

This course offers all four training courses - Trauma, Grief, Loneliness, Loss - plus an in-depth overview video.

It includes Guided Reflection and Check Your Knowledge questions.

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Grief - strategies and supports


Australian dollars, includes Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Grief is arduous. It is hard, exhausting and often unforgiving.

If you or someone close to you is grieving, it is important to take action now.

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Loneliness - strategies and supports


Australian dollars, includes Goods & Services Tax (GST)

A ‚ÄėLoneliness epidemic‚Äô is sweeping our societies, and it is vital to take action.¬†

'Alone loneliness' is becoming too common - it's that emotional isolation or emptiness, even if in a crowded room.

Are¬†you, or is someone close to you, feeling 'Alone loneliness'?¬†Do you think: ‚ÄėGet it together!‚Äô but can‚Äôt?

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Loss - strategies and supports


Australian dollars, includes Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Loss can strike anyone, at any time, and have severe impacts on emotional and physical wellbeing.

It may be the Loss of a loved one, a marriage, a business, job ... or a dream.

Open up the way to make a Loss your pathways to new opportunities for growth and renewal.

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Welcome to the Kultchafi Healing IQ training series

Kultchafi’s Healing IQ training programs capacity to Heal yourself, and others, through emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is the capacity to perceive, understand, regulate, and express emotions in oneself and others. 

Emotions have a powerful impact on the body and mind, and by managing them effectively you can enhance the natural Healing processes of the body.

Healing IQ is not a someone you are born with, or without, but a dynamic skill that can be learned and improved over time.

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"The quality and standard of Kultchafi training is exceptional"

- Australasian College of Pharmacy

"What you have provided to me through this training is amazing."

- Grace E

"An inspiring experience."

- Dr M Ghabriel
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Disenfranchisement, Societal Isolation and Disempowerment training

Video Poster Image

Want to be happy, but can't work out how?

Tried self-help books with no success? Our course provides a comprehensive understanding of Disenfranchisement, Societal Isolation and Disempowerment. We provide  insights into:

  • WHY Disenfranchisement, Societal Isolation and Disempowerment occur
  • WHO they impact
  • WHEN¬†they occur
  • HOW they impact individuals and communities; and
  • WHAT you can do¬†to combat these barriers to happiness

This course, which takes just an hour, could change your life.

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