Healing solutions for the 21st centuryĀ 

Kultchafi provides 21st-century healing solutions based on ancient wisdoms that empower individuals, communities and organisations, building capacity and resilience through appreciation of culture and connectednessĀ 

We bring together all peoples in an environment of sharing and learning from the beliefs and wisdoms of ancient cultures

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Healing IQ training

Kultchafiā€™s Healing IQ (Intellectual Quotient) training programs help to develop your capacityĀ to Heal yourself, and others, through emotional intelligence.
Emotions have a powerful impact on the body and mind.Ā 
By managing them, you enhance the natural Healing processes of the body.
Healing IQ is not a someone you are born with, or without.
It is a dynamic skill that can be learned and improved over time,
Join Kultchafi on our Healing IQ journey.
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Cultural Responsiveness

Building Cultural Responsive Intellectual Quotient (IQ) equips you with essential tools for introspection into personal identity and the Cultural Ethos of diverse World Views.Ā 
This process enhances self-awareness and making positive choices.
Elevating Cultural ResponsiveĀ IQ empowers us to devise superior solutions to challenges and unlock new avenues for advancement.
Through this, we nurture mutual respect that transcends multiple World Views.
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