Kultchafi delivers Cultural Services based on a Reconciliatory Framework and set within a Cultural Terms of Reference


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Being Culturally Responsive is essential to deliver and maintain Cultural Safety in any organisation. Kultchafi Cultural Responsiveness Training (CRT) is self-paced, delivered online and is MULTI-ACCREDITED for Continuing Professional Development (CPD), earning frontline medical and health professionals CPD points. 

CRT for General Practice

Tailored for all GPs and General Practice staff, this training is accredited for eight (8) CPD Hours by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM).

CRT for Mental Health

Tailored to the needs of all Mental Health Service Providers and their staff, this training is accredited for 8 CPD Credits by the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

CRT for Nurses

Tailored for all nurses, this training is accredited for eight (8) CPD Hours by the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA). You do not have to be a member of APNA to undertake this training.

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CRT for Pharmacies

Tailored for all Pharmacists and Pharmacy staff, this training is accredited for four (4) CPD Hours by the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC).

CRT for Disability Services Providers

Tailored to the needs of everyone working within the disability sector, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM)

Cultural Responsiveness Training

Being Culturally Responsive is central to the delivery of Cultural Safety in any workplace. This training is multi-accredited by peak bodies across Australia. This training is available to anyone, from any sector, and is self-paced.

CRT for the Fashion & Design Industry

This training has been developed over more than two decades by the Voices of Traditional Owners  and Elders across Australia, and in consultation with the Indigenous Fashion & Design sector of 21st-century Australia.

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How Culturally Responsive are you and your organisation?

Kultchafi has developed a comprehensive Cultural Responsiveness Pulse Check, which can be taken for just $35 per person.

It can be undertaken by yourself as an individual, or across a group or entire organisation.

This 70-question Pulse Check will provide deep insight into how Culturally Responsive your professional or work environment is. You will drill down into your workplace / organisational operations and identify areas of improvement.

On completing the survey, you will be able to download your results, and use these to undertake a gap analysis that can be fed into your Action Planning.


Or the Cultural Responsiveness Pulse Check can be undertaken by groups of any size, and if you have 50 or more participants Kultchafi will set up an individual survey group and provide a FREE comprehensive 20-page organisational report.

This detailed report will give your operations a ranking up to five stars, and identify areas of achievement or improvement. 

If your organisation is large or has diverse arms, we can deliver group Pulse Checks for individual business units, so that you can compare performance across your various operations.

It is simple to organise and deliver:

  1. Your organisation contacts Kultchafi at [email protected], identifying the number of people you wish to undertake the Pulse Check. If using a sample group only, we recommend a cross-section from the Board to the frontline, including volunteers (as appropriate)
  2. Kultchafi sets up your own branded Organisational Pulse Check and provides you with the relevant number of codes to enable your people to log in individually
  3. Once everyone has completed the survey, Kultchafi will download the results and extract the key data
  4. A 20-page report will be generated which drills down in the three core areas of: Organisation; Workforce; and Community. This will be provided to your Executive / Management as identified by you.

Contact Kultchafi Managing Director Ara 'Julga' Harathunian on 0402 783 905 or email [email protected]

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