ADVANCED YARNING: Your pathway to extraordinary communication

Learn the ancient skill of Yarning - the eons-old  practice of sharing and gaining knowledge that supports Healing in the 21st century


Build bridges of communication between different perspectives and values - suitable for all cultures, genders and multiple generations

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Advanced Yarning - your pathway to extraordinary communication skills

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Self-paced, online course from multi-accredited training provider

  • BUILD¬†extraordinary communication skills that can be applied in any environment

  • LEARN how to share stories that engage and inspire

  • USE the Language of a Healing Paradigm to promote healing and harmony

  • UNDERSTAND the 7 Aspects of Yarning

  • GAIN the skills to facilitate Yarning sessions with confidence and sensitivity

  • APPLY intrinsic and extrinsic elements within Yarning sessions

  • EXPLORE¬†Cultural Ethos principles that underpin Yarning

  • JOIN a¬†global community of people¬†¬†
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All participants who complete this Kultchafi training will receive a Certificate that can be shared on your resume


Gain IN-DEPTH skills in the ancient methodology of Yarning

Yarning is a powerful way of communicating, connecting and creating that has been practiced globally for thousands of years.

Are you seeking to connect with others at a professional, community or personal level? Finding it challenging to bridge communication gaps between genders, cultures or age groups? Yarning is suitable for all people regardless of Cultural Ethos.

In this course, you will gain DEEP INSIGHTS into how to use Yarning effectively in various settings and situations, both physical and emotional. You will explore the hidden and obvious aspects of Yarning, and how to use the Language of a Healing Paradigm to foster positive outcomes that support the Highest Good of yourself and others.

You will learn how to overcome the challenges of bridging different World Views and create a ‚Äėsafe place‚Äô for open and honest dialogue regardless of participants' gender, age or culture.

This course is a rare opportunity to discover IN-DEPTH the ancient art of Yarning.

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KULTCHAFI invites you to join a FREE COURSE on the basics of Yarning. Learn to:

  • ESTABLISH a Yarning Circle¬†
  • FACILITATE a Yarning Circle¬†
  • PARTICIPATE in a Yarning Circle¬†
  • CLOSE¬†a Yarning Circle
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"An inspiring experience."

- Dr M Ghabriel

"What you have provided to me through this training is amazing."

- Grace E

"The quality and standard of Kultchafi training is exceptional"

- Australasian College of Pharmacy

Welcome to the Kultchafi Healing IQ training series

Kultchafi’s Healing IQ training programs help to develop your capacity to Heal yourself, and others, through emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is the capacity to perceive, understand, regulate, and express emotions in oneself and others. 

Emotions have a powerful impact on the body and mind, and by managing them effectively you can enhance the natural Healing processes of the body.

Healing IQ is not a someone you are born with, or without, but a dynamic skill that can be learned and improved over time.

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Kultchafi is committed to sharing Healing and Culture, and no matter how widespread your group, we can offer a discount for 10-plus people undertaking one or more of our training courses

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Don't delay! This training is inclusive of all cultures, genders and creeds. We welcome all people to the Kultchafi Healing journey!

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