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Kultchafi Managing Director Ara 'Julga' Harathunian


Ara 'Julga' Harathunian and his wife Aunty Cheri 'Yingaa' Yavu-Kama-Harathunian established the Jahavel Group, within which Kultchafi and its services sit, more than two decades ago.
Kultchafi provides 21st-century healing solutions based on ancient wisdoms that empower individuals, communities and organisations, building capacity and resilience through appreciation of culture and our connectedness. 
We bring together all peoples in an environment of sharing and learning from the beliefs and wisdoms of the ancient culture of First Nation peoples.
I have Aboriginal family connections to the Minniecon, Lingwoodock and Wenitongs and the Torres Strait through the Ghees and Wares, and Skin connections to Wongi and Martu People of Western Australia. 
I have more than 40 years' professional experience in Governance, Eldership, Leadership and Management in many fields of endeavour.
My interests lie in Health, Youth, Education, Mediation,  Community Development, Workplace Dynamics, Mentoring, Research, Spirituality, Wellbeing and Wellness Paradigms.
My life is a living document. Within the pages are wisdom, knowledge, information, values, beliefs, ideas, creativity, innovation, gratitude, confidence, trust, skills, abilities and much learning to share from this document either in written form or in speech.
I am blest that others who walk with me for life or for a season contribute from their living document vignettes, that become part of my life document.
My objective is to live every moment I have to its fullest. I want to contribute and appreciate my contribution to my family, my community, and the world in which I live.
My hope is that in all I say and do, I demonstrate thankfulness, love and humility toward every human being who enters my space and my place upon this beautiful planet, so that when we continue from the place we meet we are made wiser, and more honourable to ourselves and to others. 

Our partners

The services delivered by Kultchafi have been developed over more than two decades, working in consultation with Elders and Traditional Owners from across Australia.
The development was headed by Aunty Cheri Yingaa Yavu-Kama-Harathunian, a proud Aboriginal Australian woman of the Taribelang, Bunda, Gooreng Gooreng and Kabi Kabi peoples. Aunty Cheri worked closely with Wongi Elder Aunty Josie Boyle. 
Today, Kultchafi works to deliver accessible and inclusive cultural healing services for all peoples, Indigenous and non-Indigenous.
We partner with:
  • Yokai
  • Indigenous Wellbeing Centre
  • Bunya¬†Peoples' Aboriginal Corporation
  • Stirling Minniecon Family Trust
  • Taribelang Cultural Aboriginal Corporation
  • Yumpla
  • Lonweigh Aboriginal Corporation
  • Psychologist Alec Jones
  • Solana Photography
Other contributors and supporters include Uncle Raymond Minniecon, pictured right, and Traditional Owners and Elders as below:

Uncle Raymond Minniecon

Uncle Ray is an Aboriginal pastor with roots in the Kabikabi and Gurang Gurang tribes of Queensland. Uncle Ray is an active Executive Member of the Indigenous Peoples’ Organisation Australia (IPO), a national coalition of 300 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak organisations, community organisations and individuals who advocate for the rights of Indigenous peoples.






Aunty Lurlene Henderson

Aunty Lurlene is a Kabi Kabi Elder.

She is a Director of the Lonweigh Aboriginal Corporation, the Indigenous Wellbeing Centre and the Bunya People's Aboriginal Corporation

Uncle Wayne Fossey

Uncle Wayne is an experienced Principal, teacher and educator.

He is a member of the University of Southern Queensland Elders' and Valued Persons' Advisory Board.

Uncle Stirling Eggmolesse

Uncle Stirling is a Gooreng Gooreng Elder and a Director of the multi-award-winning Indigenous Wellbeing Centre.

Uncle Stirling also is a Cultural Advisor to IWC.

Aunty Sarina Jan

Aunty Sarina is a Bardi descendent (Nyul Nyul clan) from the Kimberley region.

In 2018, she was awarded the Northern Territory Top End NAIDOC - Lifetime Achievement Award.

Aunty Jenny Springham

Aunty Jenny is an Elder of the Goreng Goreng people in Central Queensland, and has had a long career in Aboriginal Health, Child Safety and Youth Support. In 2022, she was named Elder of the Year for Bundaberg region in the NAIDOC awards.

Teagan Cowlishaw

Aboriginal designer Teagan (TJ) Cowlishaw founded and operates the AARLI Aboriginal fashion design house and social enterprise BlakList.

Born in Darwin, she is a Bardi descendent and has family links to Chinese pirates.


Kultchafi works with Indigenous Conference Services (ICS), delivering Masterclasses in Healing across Australia.
For details, email¬†[email protected]
Find out more about ICS at https://icsconferences.org/