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Kultchafi’s Healing IQ training programs help to develop your capacity to Heal yourself, and others, through emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is the capacity to perceive, understand, regulate, and express emotions in oneself and others. 


Kultchafi offers training to support and empower individuals, communities and organisations

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FREE Healing Circle Work Foundation course


Take your first steps into delivering Healing Circle Work

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Yarning for Beginners: Explore ancient communication skills


Explore the ancient skill of Yarning

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Advanced Yarning: Pathway to extraordinary communication


Build your extraordinary communication skills

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Claim your Healing: Choose a life of happiness


Trauma, Grief, Loneliness and Loss full course: set course for happiness

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Leave Trauma behind: Be empowered in your life


Trauma is a natural reaction, but it IS possible to Heal

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Navigate through Grief to find tranquility in life


Grief is arduous and exhausting. Seek calm and peace 

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Join YOUR world: Replace Loneliness with happiness


A ‚Äėloneliness epidemic‚Äô is sweeping¬†society and it is vital to take action

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Make Loss a win: Regain purpose, success and happiness


A journey of Healing and Transformation towards happiness and success

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Disenfranchisement, Societal Isolation and Disempowerment


Australian dollars

Tried self-help books with no success? They lack our comprehensive approach.

Our course provides a strong understanding of Disenfranchisement, Societal Isolation and Disempowerment, and how to address these issues.

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Receive your Certificate

All participants who complete Kultchafi training will receive a Certificate that can be shared on your resume

"An inspiring experience."

- Dr M Ghabriel

"What you have provided to me through this training is amazing."

- Grace E

"The quality and standard of Kultchafi training is exceptional"

- Australasian College of Pharmacy

Group discounts available

Kultchafi is committed to sharing Healing and Culture, and no matter how widespread your group, we can offer a discount for 10-plus people undertaking one or more of our training courses

It's simple - we send an invoice and you receive coupons that your team can apply when they sign in. This can be anywhere in the country, or the world!

Don't delay! This training is inclusive of all cultures, genders and creeds. We welcome all people to the Kultchafi Healing journey!

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All costs are in Australian dollars (AUD) and GST is included