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Loneliness - Strategies and Supports

A ‘loneliness epidemic’ is sweeping our societies, and it is vital to take action. Despite having the capacity to be more connected than before, Loneliness is at crisis levels.

It is a feeling of isolation or emotional emptiness that occurs when a person lacks meaningful social connections or feels disconnected from others.

Do you, or someone close to you, crave sociable company but find a sense of isolation and loneliness is putting up major barriers?

Do you, or someone close to you, suffer from ‘alone loneliness’ – when you may be in a crowd but still feel isolated? Do you think: ‘Get it together!’ but can’t?

This training will deliver core mastery skills around:

  • RECOGNISE the cause, or causes, of Loneliness
  • UNDERSTAND emotional and physical impacts of experiencing Loneliness
  • IDENTIFY effective strategies to address Loneliness
  • LEARN how to gain a new sense of purpose and happiness
  • GAIN skills to support people near you who may be experiencing Loneliness
  • SEEK to achieve your Highest Good, and that of those around you
  • JOIN a global community of people who share your Healing journey
  • EXPERIENCE transformation to live the life you want

This course is part of a series titled Trauma, Grief, Loneliness and Loss.

It is suitable for all cultures and genders.

We welcome you to this training, which is part of Kultchafi’s commitment to bring Healing to all people of all cultures.

Kultchafi provides 21st-century healing solutions based on ancient wisdoms that empower individuals, communities and organisations.

What People Are Saying:

An inspiring experience.

Dr M Ghabriel

What you have provided to me through this training is amazing.

Grace E