Yarning for Beginners

KULTCHAFI invites you to join us in a FREE COURSE where we celebrate and share our diverse cultures through the ancient art of Yarning.

Yarning is a powerful way of communicating, connecting and creating that has been practiced for thousands of years around the globe.

This ancient practice of communication and knowledge-sharing respects different perspectives and values, and is suitable for all people regardless of Cultural Ethos.

In this FREE course, you will learn the basics of Yarning.  This includes the fundamentals of how to prepare, facilitate and participate in a Yarning Circle, right through to how to achieve the desired outcomes and benefits of this collaborative and respectful method.

This course is a rare opportunity to discover the ancient art of Yarning, which can benefit people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

By the end of this course, you will understand how to:

  • ESTABLISH a Yarning Circle with the right people, place and purpose
  • FACILITATE a Yarning Circle that fosters trust, openness and dialogue
  • PARTICIPATE in a Yarning Circle that values everyone's voice and perspective
  • UNDERSTAND how to close a Yarning Circle that acknowledges the contributions and learnings of all

From this course, you can go on to Advanced Yarning, in which you can learn how to overcome the challenges of bridging different World Views and create a ‘safe place’ for dialogue regardless of gender or culture.

In Advanced Yarning, you will gain practical, hands-on skills in:

  • SHARING stories that engage and inspire
  • USING the Language of a Healing Paradigm to promote healing and harmony
  • APPLYING the 7 Aspects of Yarning to enhance your communication
  • FACILITATING Yarning sessions with confidence and sensitivity
  • APPLYING intrinsic and extrinsic elements within Yarning sessions
  • UNDERSTANDING Cultural Ethos principles that underpin Yarning

It is recommended that you undertake the foundation Yarning for Beginners course before enrolling in the Advanced Yarning course.

Kultchafi is a multi-accredited cultural training provider and we are committed to sharing Healing and Culture with all peoples.

Go Well, Stay Well, Be Well