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Grief - Strategies and Supports

Grief is arduous. It is hard, exhausting and often unforgiving.

In the 21st century, grief is a complex interplay of biological and cultural factors, and our bodies and minds respond in intricate ways.

Grief is not to be taken lightly, and if you or someone close to you is going through the grieving process it is important to take action.

This training will deliver core mastery skills around:

  • UNDERSTAND the  process of Grieving
  • RECOGNISE the emotional and physical impacts of Grief
  • IDENTIFY strategies to support the journey through the Grieving process
  • LEARN how to gain a sense of purpose and acceptance
  • GAIN skills to support people near you who may be Grieving
  • SEEK to achieve your Highest Good, and that of those around you
  • JOIN a global community of people who share your Healing journey
  • EXPERIENCE transformation to live the life you want

This course is part of a series titled Trauma, Grief, Loneliness and Loss.

It is suitable for all cultures and genders.

We welcome you to this training, which is part of Kultchafi’s commitment to bring Healing and Culture to all people.

Go Well, Stay Well, Be Well

What People Are Saying:

An inspiring experience

Dr M Ghabriel

What you have provided to me through this training is amazing.

Grace E